From a festival/music journalist standpoint, Further Future’s sophomore effort was one that we definitely looked at.  Coming off the heels of two weeks of Coachella, right at the start of the festival touring season, the editors, photogs, and writers coming from that event from our family of misfits were definitely thinking twice.  We’re glad we didn’t.
Going beyond the typical festival experience of music, dance, fun, and whatnot, the folks behind Further Future went a long way to pushing programming that spanned 24-hours across music, wellness, food, and tech, to really position itself as a more than a ‘festival’.
With brands such as Form at Arcosanti coming in the near future following the heels of Further Future’s tenet of providing a thought provoking experience for everyone involved within its sphere, FF has established itself as the line of demarcation for the ‘alternative festival experience.’  Equal parts the evolution of Coachella’s DNA of programming changes to include art in the culinary and traditional fields and the evolution of the live music experience that fest/concert goers have come to expect, Further Future really put themselves in a position to make a clear mark as the next ‘destination’ festival to plan for.
Amidst some really beautiful and majestic skies, a terrain that seemed like it was transported from the mind of Ridley Scott, and a community of festival heads channelling the best of the Burn and parts in between, the folks at Further Future brought a story to each and everyone that participated in the festival on all sides.
Visually, peep photographer, Jacob Avanzato’s, editorial on his experience at the festival.  Aurally, here’s some choice mixtape to peep out…

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