While EDC maintains its position as one of the biggest front facing properties for the crew at Insomniac, one of the biggest programs that they have offered to those in touch with the industry is the EDMBIZ conference that is set along side EDC Las Vegas.
Maintaining its position at the forefront of news, information, and industry stances in dance music, the folks at Insomniac have released their EDMBIZ programming schedule.  “We want to curate discussions that cover every facet in our industry,” posits Insomniac founder and CEO, Pasquale Rosella.  We’re inclined to agree, as their programmings covers topics that have been on the tips of everyone’s tongues in the recent social media sphere and are now coming intro fruition.  While we’ve all spoken about the state of the industry in recent past, there are some other conversational gems that have positioned themselves as beacons of discussion and discourse programmed through the course of the event.
Everything from going “Beyond The Boys Club”, Acting on Drugs in Dance Music ,featuring a panel including Stefanie Jones of Drug Policy Alliance and Club Health, and a special look at URB Magazine’s early-’90’s photography collection (for the first time) presented by founder, Raymond Leon Roker, are all on the menu.
For more information and a complete list of the program menu visit the following:
EDMbiz.com and follow EDMbiz on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.