Our editorial team came across the folks at Give A Beat recently, while looking for new and interesting, stories to shed light on in the realm of music and social justice.
Give a Beat is a fairly new non-profit organization, helmed by Lauren Segal, aiming to serve as a catalyst for social change in order to help youth and families affected by mass incarceration. Using the dance music community as a way to bridge the information and social gap, Give A Beat has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring light to their mentorship program aiming to provide outgoing prisoners a chance to create economic self-sufficiency to combat recidivism back into the ‘system’.
They recently posted an interview with Jim Tremayne, Editor of DJ Times Magazine, who spoke of their mission and work in high regard. The team behind Give A Beat will be bringing their efforts out into the public during the West Coast Weekender and Movement Festival, so if you have a chance, seek them out.

As such, they are pushing for folks to peep social channels and stay tuned to ways to get involved and be a part of their story.
To chime in on their crowdfunding campaign peep their campaign with Start Some Good
Learn more about their efforts on their Tumblr
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