Our friends at Superchief, LA and the Heliotrope Foundation big upped us on their collab event with street artist, Swoon. Multiple camps are coming together tonight in the hopes of raising some funds for some worthwhile projects that we can all get behind: Airlift Music Box (New Orleans, LA), Konbit Shelter (Cormiers, Haiti), and Braddock Tiles (Braddock, PA).
All three aforementioned projects are artist supported and community driven in the lane of pushing the arts for those less fortunate than ourselves.  With such a worthwhile goal to support, the event has drawn the work and support from artists such as:
Swizz Beatz
Shepard Fairey
Monica Canilao
Anthony Lister
Sean Tully
Yarrow Slaps
Zaria Foreman
Paul Miller (DJ Spooky)
Kiki Smith
Sanford Biggers
David Ellis
Dabs and Myla
Luke Pelletier
Kristen Liu-wong
Brad Downey
Nathan Alexis Brown
Adam Wallacavage
Shark Toof
John Felix Arnold III
Tina Lugo
Miguel Ovalle
Xavier Schipani
Ammon Rost
Date Farmers
Kohshin Finley
Delfin Finley
Monica Kim Garza
Kristen Liu Wong
& more.
The event also features a print program curated by Juxtapoz Magazine’s Evan Picco. Featured artists include the following:
Candy Chang
Richard Colman
David Ellis
Chris Johanson
Jean Jullien
Alicia McCarthy
With a myriad of surprise guests in store and a ton of booths and salon displays to experience, this is definitely not one to miss for those in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
While the kick off party begins tonight, the exhibit will run through June 25th…
At any rate… give it a visit at:
Superchief Gallery | 739 Kohler St | Los Angeles, CA 90021