The folks at FYF have always lent themselves as having an ear to the ground with regards to the various audiences keying in to their ability to program the next wave of audio artisans to infect their airwaves.
They definitely struck a cord with the dark wave/synth pop stylings of Cold Cave and TR/ST at the Echoplex.  Playing a two date set, both teams came out swinging.  Where Cold Cave used a rather dramatic and thought out rear projection setup, TR/ST played the opposite field, weaving their synth routines and driven brand of dark poetry across the crowd.  In both cases, the audience was sold and soaked all of it in.
Amidst a sea of what one could only describe as a dialed in crowd and music-fans, neither group disappointed.  If anything, the sonic synergy played between both acts only helped to make the switch time between both seem that much longer.  Had there been a away to do a seamless transition between Cold Cave’s final track and TR/ST’s first track, that would have been a case of audience orgasm.
Kudos to the FYF Fam for tonight’s curation, and double kudos to Cold Cave and TR/ST for really putting it out there for the audience to soak in.