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Dillon Francis Murders Reality TV

Dillon Francis Murders Reality TV

Are we rolling… cause I am…

All transparency aside, we’ve worked with Dillon on a number of projects in our professional past — from Coachella and a number of related pieces — and have always thought of him as one of the most honest and most funny people that we’ve ever encountered on the electronic music scene.  (Trust fam, we have some dope stories that will never see the light of day…)
It’s rare that an artist can hit our wire more than once within the news cycle that is today’s internet (Dillon carried our piece on HARD previously) , and granted we are behind on reporting this, it took a minute (from constantly watching and laughing at it) for us to finally muster up the wherewithall to post Dillon’s parody on reality shows and the ‘dj world’.
As a DJ, he’s been one of our favorites. As a person, he’s one of the most funny people we’ve ever had to interview and spend time with backstage. Don’t take our word for it, though, Reading Rainbow this post and peep the vid above!
For more info:
WEBSITE – http://www.DillonFrancis.com
FACEBOOK – http://smarturl.it/DillonFrancisFB
TWITTER – http://smarturl.it/DillonFrancisTwitter
INSTAGRAM – http://smarturl.it/DillonFrancisInsta
SOUNDCLOUD – http://smarturl.it/DillonFrancisSC
DILLON FRANCIS ON TOUR- http://www.smarturl.it/DillonFrancisTour

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