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El Dusty Strikes Again With Cinco de Mayo

El Dusty Strikes Again With Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo has long since passed, but El Dusty, aka El Rey de Trap(anera) continues to exert his dominance over the realm of cumbia and electronic beats.  Not the first, nor will he be the last, El Dusty has and is still crafting a legacy for his sound through the ears and feet of a generation of music heads taking in his sound.
First introduced through his collab with El Rincon, entitled Trapanera, he continues his intense predatory grasp of the rhythms and soundscapes that keep audiences exposed to his music enthralled and in motion.  Cinco de Mayo continues this trend.
Driving hard through he sonic paint, El Dusty collabs with Los Dutis and Morenito De Fuego to literally bring what one could describe as fuego for the ears that should be perico for the nostrils.  Simply put, the track goes hard.
Peep the release here…. and for more info…

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