Secret Headquarters presents Jhonen Vasquez and the Invader Zim Crew

November 19th aka Local Comic Store Day fast approaches and with it comes various in stores and exclusives through the nerd-o-sphere.
Secret Headquarters, one of our favorite local spots, has announced an in store this Saturday featuring Jhonen Vasquez and some of the crew that helped make Invader Zim possible in print and on screen.
Graduating from their indie roots at Slave Labor Graphics and moving to a full fledged cartoon series on Nickelodeon, Invader Zim has found new life at Oni Press giving it a chance to reach past its series cancellation and perhaps into new territories. ¬†With the Oni Press series taking the reins from the television show’s roots, it has been a wild and memorable ride for folks that have stuck by Zim and Gir till now.
At any rate, the team behind Zim’s exploits will be in Los Angeles’ own Secret Headquarters this Saturday in celebration of their character and comics in general.
Catch one of the folks there and say ‘hi!’
For more information visit Secret Headquarters!