Marvel V Capcom, Hideo Kojima, Naughty Dog, and Street Fighter V ruled many of todays headlines post Playstation Experience… but here are 5 drops today that should garner some attention.

1Ne: PaRappa The Rapper Remaster!!!
Sony announced a new series of remastered games for PS4, one of which was PaRappa the Rapper. One of our all time favorite nostalgia games joined Loco Roco and Patapon in a newly remastered series to be released on December 6.
Boasting native 4K support and some new features utilizing the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller, including a ‘Feel the Beat’ metronome and a ‘See the Beat’ icon providing visual feedback during gameplay, Sony has improved some of the gameplay mechanics of one of the most fun rhythm games to come out during its generation.

2wo: Destiny brings back Sparrow racing…
We had a blast during last season’s Sparrow Racing Circuit, and it is only fitting that Bungie launches a new season on the heels of the Rise of Iron DLC.  We’re definitely looking forward to some of the crazy user videos of Sparrow Side Shows…

3hree: Crash Bandicoot!
Alongside the remastered releases of PaRappa the Rapper, Crash Bandicoot makes his appearance on the PS4 in a new shiny, N.Sane package.  We count this franchise among one of favorite underrated platformers of its time, and look forward to doing a run through soon.

4our: Housemarque’s Nex Machina looks pretty damn amazing.
We’re gonna have to follow the lead of our friends at Kotaku on this one.  Arcade shooters have been few and far between our game play sessions lately, but this one definitely draws our eyes.  Eschewing the current indie 8 bit look, it’s revamped the arcade shooter experience and brought it home.  From what we saw in, it looks like an awesome twitch shooter that is sure to provide some frenetic game play and fun times.

5ive: (FUCKING) Windjammers!!!
Seriously.  Windjammers.  Spandex, Frisbee’s, Online VS.  We can’t wait to challenge @XavierWoodsPHD online at this.  #UpUpDownDown #KeepItTight
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