NuckleDu Wins
NuckleDu’s road to the Street Fighter V championship should be one of legendary status.  He literally pulled a Drake ‘Started From The Bottom Now We Here’ moment.  For a minute, NuckleDu was seen as a solid player on the SF IV scene with a handful of tournament wins through the course of its lifetime as the crown jewel of the FGC (Fighting Game Community) with few full out wins.  With the switch to SFV, however, Du has cemented his place as a ‘top tier’ player… (IMHO… his Guile play is God-like).  With a slow tournament start through the year, his game became more aggressive and the wins racked up.  (Again, his Guile is amazing.)
After qualifying for the Capcom Cup with his pops and uncle in tow, he was an early favorite for the crew here to walk away with the championship.  Color us surprised and happy to see it come to fruition.
With the end of tonight’s first All-American Capcom Cup, Du put himself up there as the best fighter in the world after going over EG Ricki Ortiz.  Ricki to her credit was just as domineering through the brackets crushing folks with Chun Li; but to close the night, she just couldn’t close on Du’s mastery of R.Mika.
At any rate… kudos to NuckleDu for taking the crown… and more props to grabbing that $120,000 pot….
(Thanks to Game-Heure on Youtube for recording the stream!!!!)