Brought a knife to an ax fight... Resident
The hits kept coming from Team Capcom during today’s Playstation Experience.  Capping off a trilogy of teasers, ‘Tape 3’ will be released today as a free download on the Playstation Store.
Get ready for one last trip into the bat-shit craziness of the happy cannibal family in the TXM house set in the world of RE7.  Representatives at PS Experience promised something (spectacular or) horrific for those choosing to experience the demo in VR, and we’ll just have to take their words for it.
For those that are looking to pre-order, we have to say hit up Gamestop (yeah, yeah, yeah), as their exclusive pre-order includes a creepy miniature music box version of the house…

Resident Evil 7 Gamestop Exclusive

Who doesn’t want a creepy cannibal music box???

For more info: Resident Evil 7 | Gamestop Pre-Order Link