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Superchief Gallery LA has played host to one of the most engaging and nostalgic art showings of the recent past.
Language of Memory is the culmination of a mixed media collaboration between John Felix Arnold III and Andrew Kline.  JFA made waves serving as the final artist in residence to grace the famed windows of SF MOMA in 2013 before the museum’s closure for renovation.  After traveling the world to various residencies and showings, he crossed paths with Kline, of the famed hardcore band, Strife, to create an audio and visual amalgamation that called upon their influences in literature, comic books, manga, music, and social commentary.

(L to R) Andrew Kline & John Felix Arnold III
(L to R) Andrew Kline & John Felix Arnold III

Both artists are no stranger to mixed media work and the art community in general.  JFA has shown at the aforementioned SFMOMA, The Luggage Store Gallery, Joseph Gross Gallery, BRIC ARTS, held a residency at Spes-Lab in Tokyo, and is currently moving into a residence at SPECTRE Arts in Durham, North Carolina.  Aside from his work with Strife, Kline has worked with artists such as B-Real and Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Bambu, Freddie Gibbs, Planet Asia, and in 2014 created a multi-media project with DJ Muggs, entitled Cross My Heart Hope To Die — which under Alpha Pup Records they were able to perform their first multi-media arts show at Subliminal Projects in Los Angeles.
Upon entry into the exhibit, one is greeted with an altar and a temple of sorts paying homage to the various pop culture icons that have influence the artists and exhibit.  Gatchaman, Gundam and various icons are laid bare and surrounded by evocative symbols of various conscious paths.  Upon closure examination, the visual pieces and soundscapes contained within play upon the viewers memory of said subjects and iconographic meanings — creating the ‘Language of Memory’ that the show has taken its name after.
The resulting exhibit is an execution in style that calls upon legends such as Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira, Appleseed), Robert Rauschenberg (The Black, White, and Red Paintings), John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Prince of Darkness), Lalo Schifrin, and the RZA.
Sound Wall

Panels featuring characters frequented by legends like Frank Miller, Jack Kirby and John Buscema are mixed within different medias to create a dialogue for people of different ages that have been influenced by pop culture and comics.  A wall of speakers literally greets visitors in the corner of the exhibit, forcing a new experience upon whichever path is taken — creating multiple experiences upon multiple viewings.
To say that the exhibit is immersive is an understatement.  Rather, thought-provoking and unique are words that help to bring light to the visitor’s experience.
At any rate, don’t take our words for it…
The show runs until the 10th of December, so time is running out quick to see it for yourself.  Info is in the flier above… for more up to date information visit our friends at
Language of Memory closes tomorrow night from 7PM to 10pm. at Superchief Gallery, LA.