Trust The Unknown

“I didn’t disappear; I was present for all of it…”

OA, began to fill the blogosphere in the past under a shroud of mystery, a cryptic trailer, and a launch date for this Friday, December 16th.  In the current world of pre-teasers to launch teasers that in turn lead the way to trailers for whatever is the hot button for media consumption, it was the lack of said content that garnered attention for the show.
The basic premise is easy enough to follow.  Prairie Johnson, played by show co-creator Brit Marling, returns home after being missing for 7 years.  Somewhere through the course of her time lost, once blind, she now can now see and is met with scrutiny following stories of being saved by angels.
After catching the premiere episode, we can say that this is next in line to be Netflix’s next cult hit.
With that out of the way the show can be described as a new take on the surreality of Twin Peaks mixed with some of the science fiction tropes visited in Stranger Things, with some of the mystery of True Detective (Season 1 of course) sprinkled in.  The premiere episode is dense, to say the least, and should suffice for those film theorists and scholars waiting to pour over a show frame by frame to garner connections and hidden meanings.

via Polygon and Instagram/OA

As such, our friends at offered up an interesting look and theory into keys on figuring out OA, namely looking at their Instagram, and pouring through the layouts and photos contained within.  Other sites have posited other meanings from other social media feeds connected to its release.
Fittingly, the show is built on narrative layers (and mazes… couldn’t resist), and it could be that the lack of content could make this a show in which multiple forms of media consumption could drive different thoughts on the narrative.
Whatever the case, the premiere episode was impressive with the crowd left in the same sort of ‘Westworld awe’ upon its premiere.
OA is out now on Netflix.
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