via Matt Goldman

The holiday spirit was in abundance tonight during a charity event led by the folks at IHeartComix and Union, Los Angeles.  Joined by the musical and artistic curators from Ham on Everything, Brownies and Lemonade, Emo Nite LA, Restless Nites, Late Night Laggers, and Space Yacht among others, LA Gives Back was a rousing success for music goers and participants alike.
Despite the rain, the lines backed up around the block while people waited to get a chance to dance and be free while benefiting the LA charities helping the homeless.  With 100 percent of the proceeds going to My Friend’s Place, Shower of Hope, and Casa Libre, the revelry and respect to the event did not pass without notice.  When speaking to one ticket holder in line, she stated, ‘It’s cold, raining, but the music is going to be good, and we’re benefiting people less fortunate…  this should be a good night.’
Folks that came out to experience the sold out event were treated to some of the illest curated musical rooms in quite some time.  Special guests abound, with folks like Diplo, OG Maco, DRAM, Kittens, Classixx, and Jubilee hitting the crowd with beats to move their feets…
All in all, it was crowded, sweaty, the music was dope, and it was for a good reason that we got to experience the event.
Cudos to the entire crew that put this together… for more info and photos and content peep the break:

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