French pop auteurs Yelle jumped back into the cultural zeitgeist with Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now) today.  While staying true to their irreverent, left of center focus, Here & Now co-produced by GrandMarnier and Vaughn Oliver brings a sense of connection to their naturally melodic sound.
There hasn’t been much of a break for Yelle, after an almost nonstop schedule of touring and production that brought their sound and infectious nature worldwide. Stops at Coachella and other major events helped to break the duo into the the cool hunting sphere, and with this recent release they are only building on the momentum that they have built.
At first glance and listen, Ici & Maintenant portrays itself as a bit more subdued from their previous effort, Complètement Fou, but upon multiple listens and viewings, the DNA of their past basks in the light of new sounds and compositions.
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