Photo credit: Raoul Ortega

Indie/electronic band Doombird from Sacramento, California are streaming their new album Past Lives now on Soundcloud. This album will be released 12/30 via Gold Standard Records (owned by Artery Recordings) Tracks were recently featured in the TV shows Blood & Oil (ABC), Stitchers (Freeform), How to Get Away with Murder (ABC), as well as the indie film I Live for You.

The album was created within a little over a year,” says vocalist Kris Anaya. “The theme we tried to capture was more of a dark dance electronic record with a haunting voice. The lyrical content within the record focuses mainly on my struggles with anxiety. Even while I was recording the record I was suffering with it. Mainly the inspirations fall in between a lot of Ambient music as well as Electronic Dance music i.e (Tim Hecker, Caribou, Bibio). I personally believe this record vibes well on a rainy day or when you are taking a hike in the woods.

Past Lives as a whole dances a hauntingly melodic line between psychedelia sounds and synth-pop. Deceptively layered, the album channels the DNA of the leads previous projects.  Kris Anaya, formerly the front man of An Angle, and Joseph Davancens, a touring member of Tycho, allow their pasts to connect to a future forward sound and project that opens up this effort to a multitude of cross-genre sounds and accompaniments.
Kris Anaya and producer/multi-instrumentalist Joseph Davancens first collaborated as Doombird in 2010 with a self-titled.Two years later released Cygnus, Past Lives was recorded on Stinson Beach, California, alongside musicians Mike Sparks, Aram and Arlene Deradoorian and Dusty Brown.

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