A Jedi Knight takes a moment to remember Carrie Fisher.

TCL Chinese Theatre and Liningup.Net hosted a fan memorial for Carrie Fisher, known to most as the venerable Princess Leia. Despite the dreary weather that ended in a spout of rain, the energy of the cosplayers, the media scrum, and the Saturday Hollywood crowds helped to make keep the event’s spirits high.
Various cosplay and fan societies were in attendance. We were able to catch up with folks from Vader’s Fist aka the 501st Legion, The Steampunk Star Wars Universe, and The Mandalorian Mercs.  Upon speaking to one rebel pilot cosplayer, John Eric, he stated ‘I’m not surprised at the turn out, Leia represented so much in both the real and Star Wars Universe.’ This seemed to be the general sentiment throughout the event. Rather than sullen heads and voices, the memorial event was full of smiles laughs and shared stories.
While the event began on the steps of the TCL Chinese Theatre, it eventually made its way to a fan made Hollywood Walk of Fame Star dedicated to Carrie Fisher which helped to bring the energy out in the general public.
All in all the event was definitely a success in getting people together in the memory of someone who touched the hearts and imaginations of generations across the galaxy.
Special thanks to the folks at TCL Chinese Theatre and LiningUp.net for all of their hospitality and for putting this event together.
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