DJ Green Lantern aka TheSpvceAge
DJ Green Lantern aka TheSpvceAge

It the current state of the blogosphere and publishing, it’s pretty easy for a track to get buried under mounds of press releases and ‘listen to me’ requests.  That was the case with DJ Green Lantern’s transformation and release of his new identity, TheSpvceAge.  Active since the 90’s his name has become synonymous with folks like Eminem, Nas, and Jay Z.  True to the cosmic roots of his DJ nomenclature, his skills and aspirations could never be grounded, and his transition into this new sound and production scape can be seen as otherworldly and for lack of a better word — spacey.
The sound which has been in development for some time has been dubbed in his own words, “Melodic Electro G-Funk.”  We whole heartedly agree.  The track is airy but grounded in his hip hop roots, using elements of that electro funk to bridge the gap.  Deftly using his horn sections and percussive elements to provide that base, the use of organ and vocal samplings push the track past the stratosphere and into a futurist G-Funk sound…
If this track is any indication, DJ Green Lantern and this sound pivot paired with the launching pad under Gramatik’s label can only be destined for new heights.
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