pokemon go mewtwo
Photo: Niantic

This morning, Niantic Labs announced the first major expansion of their Pokémon Go hit.  Confirmed items the company stated would be coming to the game include “evolution” items, new types of berries, avatar items, and a new “encounter gameplay” mode.  Moreover, 80+ new Pokémon would be added to the game.
We’d expect these to reflect the Gen 2 Pokémon added after the original 151.
Earlier this week Niantic’s John Hanke, expressed the following additions to come in the imminent future: PvP and Pokémon trading, changes to the gym battling system, co-op play and interaction (further hinting at the “encounter gameplay” mode), live events, such as the the Mewtwo encounter that was originally depicted on initial commercials, and the appearance of legendary Pokemon.
One thing is for sure, this update will definitely go a long way to jumpstarting the Pokémon Go craze after the drop in usage through the Fall and Winter months.
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