Welcome to our inaugural (nay relaunch) of Friday Fresh — our weekly column highlighting a few tracks and artists that caught our ear for the week.  Our first artist is Norwegian pop-wunderkind, Sigrid, whom we were first introduced to during our time working with the SXSW team this year.
Sigrid was a breath of fresh air for our team covering SXSW when we put on to her daytime performance for our friends at Collide and Snapchat. Our day was winding down and we were more than pleasantly surprised by the 20 year old’s range, melody, and perchance for expansive production.
We were taken aback by how ‘big’ the music sounded despite the young Norwegian’s diminutive frame. Hot off the heels of her debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe, Sigrid drops another track from her upcoming debut EP.
Plot Twist continues to establish Sigrid’s ability as a lyricist with an expansive and empowering track that is just what this Friday needed.
Sigrid’s debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe is available on Island Records on May 5th.
For more Information:
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