Friday Fresh is back with 10 artists and 12 tracks this week to satisfy every level of your musical discovery needs. Every artist was put on this unsolicited and was discovered by one of our team mates on a whim or through suggestions on our various musical consumption platforms.
With out further adieu, here is our Friday Fresh List list for the week ending Friday, April 27th, 2017.

Mars Today
Wait Too Long is a self leaked track from the Bits & Pieces EP (Drops May 19th). Mars states “It’s more of a throwback soul effort, and one of my favorite songs from the project. I wrote this shortly after moving to Los Angeles, but the lyric is as real for me now as it was then, and still aimed in the same direction.”

Eli Wesse
Wesse has the distinction of being a 1st generation Congolese-American to make a strong mainstream musical push.  When speaking about the track he had this to say: “There was a girl from New York City I dated. I left her and Manhattan to come back to Michigan to get my music off the ground. I never got as deep with her as I wanted. And I guess a lot of things tend to get lost in translation when you live far away. A lot of people (not just her) didn’t really believe how serious I was about music. And a lot of this record is just me clearing the air on a lot of doubt I sensed around me. I wanted people to realize all the sacrifices I made and I wanted her to look up and see… ‘look we’re really doing this.'” – 

Zion I
Hip hop legend and Bay Area native, Zion I has had the kind of career longevity that the younglings these days can only think of. Wake Up off of his latest album release, Labyrinth, serves as “a call for people to stay woke as a community and as a nation and reflect on how we got here; It reflects the feeling I have everyday when I wake up and realize that I make music and perform for a living.”

YVNG SWAG made the distinction of this list after discovering him as a social media dance maven.  With over 700,000 followers, the 18 year old has become one of the most well known dancers out of the B-More/DC area and has moved his creative narrative from the physical dance space into that of music. With over 2 million Spotify plays and 2.4 million Soundcloud plays we’d be remiss to put the kid’s mainstream break on the certified fresh list.

We covered Morgxn live in the past and were impressed with the singer-songwriter’s spiritual and sonic connection to the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Miike Snow. When speaking on his track xx to The Line of Best Fit he explained the following: “we are born into this world knowing how to love. but we forget, every day, that it’s our right to feel it. to receive it. XX is reclaiming that for myself. this song was the genesis of my project. it came from years of searching and wandering and creating. X marks the spot… so they say. to me, an X is all about transitions and crossroads, and finally claiming that transition for myself.”

Grace Mitchell
Grace made waves at Coachella this year, as she drew sonic comparison to everyone from Fiona Apple to Ladyhawke. We have to agree. Her recent release of Now in acoustic form brings the airy, haunting mood of an open air arena crowd the the ears of those listening at home.

Miranda Lee Richards
Richards was a surprising discovery through our musical travels. Transcending the confines of the psychedelia label, her music has a sense of sensual and self-identitive cohesion that hasn’t been heard in quite some time. We chose First Light of Winter as your gateway drug into her sonic airspace because it retains a touch of an airy sublime sound while ingratiating yourselves to a songwriter maturing before your ears.

Wilder Maker
We discovered Wilder Maker through Saddle Creek’s new 7 inch vinyl and zine series called Document. Their musical space has a very ‘big band’ feel to it, with New Streets being carried by the aural dance partnership of singer Katie Von Schleicher’s vocals amongst the guitar and saxophone plays that form the heart of the track. It’s a refreshing daytime walk though the sunlight of traditional indie pop.

Anna Lunoe
Lunoe has the distinction of being one of our top 10 moments of this years Coachella. She proved her staying power and recognition by packing the Sahara tent (while being pregnant no less) and decided to stamp her place in the world of dance music by dropping the first single off her Hyperhouse label entitled Godzilla.

We aren’t strangers to RAC aka Andre Allen Anjos. We’ve had the pleasure of shooting and covering him in the past, and we aren’t the only ones. This Song was also featured  by Jason Bentley at KCRW, Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1 and on JJJ in Australia. We like the track so much that it made the list twice as he just recently released the Lindstrom and Prins Thomas remix of the single.

Grabbitz first hit our aural space as the vocalist behind Deadmau5’s single Let Go. Striding upon his own path with his forthcoming album Things Change due out May 19th, we thought we’d put you on this artist before you’re too late to the game.