We were recently invited to a showcase for recent Friday Fresh alum, Miranda Lee Richards, this past week. Nestled within one of our favorite record stores in the heart of Hollywood, Richards performd a selection of past songs and tunes from her forthcoming album Existential Beast.
What we experienced was nothing short of revelatory. There has been a recent movement in music wherein signature sounds of the past are played through a more musically modern lens, drawing our ‘member berry’ recollections of acts such as Fleetwood Mac and their contemporaries across an ever burgeoning movement of ‘nostalgia’ acts. This is by and large what makes Richards different from her peers — rather than trying to draw the sound through a modern lens, she wholeheartedly embraces the past and as a result takes her light years ahead.
This was most evident when we overheard amongst the crowd of industry writers the phrase, “I could close my eyes and swear that I was back in the 70s.” We couldn’t agree more. There is a certain air around Richards that places her vocal timbre to Stevie Nicks or Mazzy Star while the acoustics played off the folk psychedelia vibe that her entire package exudes.

Enchanted doesn’t begin to describe the scope of her show, as she is one of a handful of performers that does much with her live performance through the subtle nuances of her vocal work and interaction. She did much with the short time that we were able to take in and eagerly await her album which drops on June 16.
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