It goes without saying that working in this industry there are many fleeting friendships, nods, and fun times shared. We first met Eddie Gold years ago on a whim during one of our festival flights and though the years have been able to share a bit of camaraderie with regards to music and the industry. Finally getting a chance to catch up with him through his busy schedule, we got to ask him a few questions…
1) We first met in Florida at Deluna Fest, and you spoke about having this creative spark to make music.  Can you talk about how that spark or internal fire has changed from that chance meeting years ago?

I have learned how to channel it. Its grown a lot since then. I have learned so much more about making music.
Every time I sit down and write it gets better and better. I don’t feel there is a peak and I feel I have plenty of time to grow some more.  Being creative and actually creating is what sparks that fire in me. I finish a project and crushes everything I have ever done and its like wait wait a minute “I know I can go further”. That’s where my drive comes from. I really fell in love with the process when I broke up with “Getting results”

2) When you hear people describe your sound as “EDM” how does that make you feel? Do you feel like that’s a very general term for a genre of music that is much deeper?

I have zero issues with that being the name of this umbrella. Is it made on electronics ? Do people dance to it ? Is it music ?… Yes?!? Then its EDM…
3) Let’s talk about your musical influences? Are there any musicians that come to mind that has had an influence on you? Are there records or tracks that are your ‘go to’ tracks when you spin out?
My sets are forever changing from place to place. I rarely play the same set twice. So no ‘go to’ tracks for me.
My day ones
James Brown
Micheal Jackson
Dillion Francis
Amon Tobin
MIami Sound Machine
Foo Fighters
The Weeknd
4) How has the response been to your music and touring? Does it trip you out that you’ve been gaining this following not just on the ATL scene but in other places?
Yeah its def different. Like I give zero fucks about fame. My main goal is to make music and play it to large crowds.
With that unfortunately comes the fuckery of fame. I always tell people when I meet them that we are in this together and no one is above anyone out here. All that is make believe. I’m just a guy that makes music and loves to play it for people. No reason I should be treated better than anyone else.
5) With regards to your following, how would you describe the energy that you get from them?
There are days when I don’t want to get out of bed. I’ll get emails, or texts , or Facebook messages asking, ‘when is the next track dropping ? Wheres the next show?’ That right there is everything that keeps me in the game and keeps me going. I will never leave them. They are everything to me.
6) What is your perfect wind down after a show or gig? Is there a record/track/artist you listen to to come down from your performance high or do you just ride it out. 
I actually like to turn up after shows! lol
But I  bump Future, Migos ,Outkast , The Weeknd…. That works for me to chill out if need be =)
7) What’s coming up track/tour/appearance wise in the future?
My E.P is about to drop this month on Monday May 15 2017!!!
Its called The Lost EP
Its 3 tracks of high energy Festival and Hard Trap
I love it and cant wait to share it with everyone out there!
Here is the link to the first song on the E.P titled THE CAPTAIN… =)
8th and Final Question) If you had 30 seconds to tell someone who you were in a nutshell what would that be. 
My Name is Eddie.
I am a spirit in a human body.
I came here to learn and help.
Along the way I found music.
I can t leave just yet. Many changes have to be made.
Nice to meet you =)
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