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Koncept will be releasing his album”14 Hours Ahead” June 9th.Following up on his E.P. collaboration with J57 The Fuel” back in 2015.Koncept Made a change of scenery and moved his camp to Seoul,Korea.
14 Hours Ahead features pianist & composer Akie Bermiss on opening track,Mc’s Mike Two,Leen,Tenacity,Ariano & keyboardist Matt Stamm.
“14 Hours Ahead is moving forward. 14 Hours Ahead is doing better. 14 Hours Ahead is seeing what’s to come and always going and getting it. ‬14 Hours Ahead is never giving up. 14 Hours Ahead is out-doing yourself every time. 14 Hours Ahead is loving yourself enough to know what your worth and never letting anyone make you feel less than that”
You can pre-order here on iTunes
Here’s a video “Trip” to keep you thirsty till 14 Hours Ahead drops.

Artist Info: Website Facebook Youtube Instagram

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