Big Boi -Boomiverse
by Neto Medrano
Boomiverse is a clean and refined album from OG southern rapper, Outkast duo member and grammy winner Big Boi. The album is full of dirty south beats, trap bangers and syrupy melodies to listen to while riding slab (slow loud and bangin’). Several tracks have features filled with big names of the industry old and new including Snoop Dogg, Curren$y, Gucci Mane, Dungeon Family alumni Killer Mike and even a posthumous feature by Pimp C.
Straying from his Atlanta roots, Big Boi even has a club track called Chocolate that talks of hitting up his favorite spot on payday for the sweetest treat of all. Featuring electronic beats and repetitive lyrics that’s more reminiscent of a Daft Punk song than his usual southern compositions. 
The lead single Kill Jill has a feature with Run The Jewels rapper and Dungeon Family alumni Killer Mike, the chorus rapped by Young Jeezy and a small exit verse by Rock D The Legend a southern rapper on the come up . The song has a sample from popular Japanese holographic animation character named Hatsune Miku. The beat is undeniably catchy with gangster rap lyrics referencing the success of fame, smoking weed and sexual conquest.