Dystopian synth-pop duo Aubergine MACHINE have released their WildLife EP.
Most recently, they premiered the music video for “U People” with AFROPUNK.

“U People” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI3xAyycdUY
Wildlife – https://soundcloud.com/auberginemachine/sets/wildlife-ep
Wildlife is a concept EP that offers a peek inside the sonic world of a genre-mashing playground. In true nostalgic fashion, it begins with an intro as the curtains open at “Wailin” and peaks at the anti-exploitation theme “U People.” Sprinkled with a little stardust and some kind of dystopian rebellion, producer Ian Carey pulls from his experience in electronic music and his 90’s hip hop obsessions throughout the EP.
Aubergine MACHINE is made up of multi-platinum selling producer Ian Carey and newcomer Shanti Ellis. The duo connected in 2012, but have since relocated their studio to the middle of an obscure island, literally. WildLife is what happens when a group drops out of social constructs, rebuilds their studio in the middle of an obscure tropical landscape and throws cultural conventions to the wayside.
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