Geographer is the moniker for Mike Deni’s American synthpop/indie rock band. Formed in San Francisco in 2007, Deni has described his sound as being “soulful music from outer space” using analog, electronic, and acoustic elements to craft dense layers and unique sound textures. As Geographer, Deni has released three full-length albums, Innocent Ghosts (2008), Myth (2012), and Ghost Modern (2015).  Along with three EPs: Animal Shapes (2010), Endless Motion (2015), and Alone Time (2018). Deni relocated to San Francisco from New Jersey, after living with the aftermath of the sudden and tragic death of his sister, and then the equally unexpected death of his father a year later. 

While sleeping on the floor of his friends’ apartment in the Haight, Deni found a synthesizer on the street and began to channel both his grief and his optimism into the songs that would become Innocent Ghosts. This theme would continue through all his music, which pits intense and emotionally probing lyrics with momentous and soaring arrangements, often featuring electric cello. The Animal Shapes EP put Geographer on the map and launched his career. Since then, Geographer has headlined many national tours, played Outside Lands, Firefly, and other festivals. Released two critically acclaimed albums, and performed with such musical luminaries as K.Flay, The Flaming Lips, Young The Giant, Ycho, Ratatat, Betty WHo, and Tokyo Police Club.    

In April of 2018, Deni gave up his apartment in San Francisco, and spent the next 6 months without a home, hopping between tours and friends’ couches, and spending a significant amount of time in his hometown, eventually moving to Los Angeles in September of 2018.  During that time of shiftlessness, in limbo between his old and new life, Deni wrote the songs that would become his new EP, due out March 22.  Many of the songs began in NJ in his childhood home and were finished in Los Angeles at his friend’s house while he was looking for an apartment. 

After spending 6 months without a home, spending a month in his home town in NJ, a few weeks in Italy, where both sides of his family are from, Geographer relocated to Los Angeles.  “Summer of My Discontentment” is the first piece of music written during that time to be released by Deni and explores the notions of origin, nostalgia, and the metamorphosis of the dreams of the young. The forthcoming EP reflects this time of his youth in New Jersey and explores the themes of the hopes and aspirations of the young and how they become refracted as we move towards them.  h

New Jersey EP is out March 22

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