Despite being stuck in transit from their SF show, the UK’s Friendly Fires came in hot on the heels of Los Angeles post disco favorites De Lux like a whirling dervish literally sending their energy into the crowd.

It didn’t take long after stirring the crowd into a fervor by opening their set with perennial footballer (soccer to our American fans) track, Lovesick, lead singer Ed Macfarlane literally jumped into the crowd during the songs second set, Jump in the Pool.

In support of their recently released album, Inflorescent, Ed Mac reeled his energy (and mic stand) back on stage to drop Can’t Wait Forever opening the crowd up into a frenetic pace of dance energy and call and responses. Ed called on his mates led by guitarist, Edd Gibson, to keep that tap or energy flowing.

Deftly weaving their way through their entire catalog, seamlessly weaving selections from Inflorescent, most notably, their most recent singles, Love Like Waves, Heaven Let Me In, Lack of Love, and Silhouettes the finally drew the night to a sweaty close of an encore by dropping in crowd favorites Hawaiian Air and Kiss of Life to send the crowd him draped in sweat, deep breathes, and in search of a pint to cool off.

Words and photos by Phil Nacionales aka @phil_enn if you’re nasty.