LA-based electonic crooner, Saro, hit the week hard with Snowblind — calling out to the classic D’angelo piece “How Does It Feel.”

Cursory looks would equate his ballad lost love across similar parallels, but the strength of his lyrical emotion and understanding of his own movement and camera kinetics makes his interpretation every much as impactful as the classic it was based on.

Saro has made a name for himself with a level of vocal sultriness and sonic arrangements that evoke a sense of emotion and identity that easily appears to audiences of all genders, races, and orientations. While he is firmly entrenched as a biracial gay man in a sea of artists trying to get their own voices heard, his talent and artistic resonance has caught the eyes and ears of stalwarts such as current tour mate, Miguel, as well as folks like Flight Facilities, to which he’s donated his talents to track, Tinashe who brought him on board for Coachella, and Laverne Cox who has stood in a mentorship role. Moreover, he caught our ears with his take on The Smiths ‘Pretty Girls Make Graves’ entitled In Loving Memory dedicated to his friend and collaborator, Simone Battle, after her passing.

Our TL;DR take: check him out… in the age of throw-a-way acts and attentions spans of the Soundcloud Generation, Saro stands as someone with a kind of confidence in his work, identity, and artistic prowess that deserves more than a fleeting look.

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