(Los Angeles, CA– Sept 30, 2020) – “LA VIDA ES UN SUEÑO” is the first single off the new “CHOLOGOTH” album and the first song that PRAYERS, the groundbreaking electronic cholo goth duo originally from San Diego have created all in Español.

“It’s close to my heart for several reasons, one being that it consists of old Mexican sayings, that every Mexican, including myself, heard growing up,” says Leafar Seyer (vox, lyrics and founder of the cholo goth movement).

These sayings teach us about life, they are pearls of wisdom. If you’re listening to “LA VIDA ES UN SUEÑO” for the very first time and you’re Mexican, a quarter of the way through the song (maybe sooner) you’ll start singing it word for word. It’ll feel familiar as if you wrote it and in a way you did, we all did.

The lyrics are aphorisms passed down from parents and grandparents. Many Mexican children heard their tios and tias, primos and primas speak these phrases in times of joy and pain. “I hear my father every time I hear this song,” says Leafar.

Narratives are a fundamental element in Leafar’s creative process when he’s writing songs and directing music videos for PRAYERS. It’s extremely dire that they look, sound and feel as if they were made for each other. Like the relationship between Leafar and the other half of PRAYERS Dave Parley, (drums, beats and music), you can’t have one without the other.

LA VIDA ES UN SUEÑO – “life is a dream,” and if life is a dream then death must be the moment when we wake up. The journey of the soul begins when our life here in the material world comes to an end.

Greek mythology has Charon, a psychopomp (spirit guide) the ferryman of Hades. He carries souls of the newly deceased across the river that divides the world of the living from the world of the dead and for passage a coin is given to Charon.

Intrigued by death, Leafar wanted to do his rendition of the soul’s journey. But Instead of Hades, their souls are going to Mictlan the underworld of the Mexica. Instead of Charon in a ferry, they get picked up in a convertible Rolls Royce Dawn with red interior to match their soul guide Xolotl the god of fire and lightning, played by Leafar’s brother Teypohs’weepeehl (Iron Jacket).

“The coins we pay Xolotl for our passage which represent who we are, they are our souls résumé”, adds Leafar. Different denominations and paths all leading to the same place Santa Muertes warm embrace.

Produced by Ray Brady (Vince Staples, Kilo Kish) and mixed by Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, St. Vincent, Lil Peep), “LA VIDA ES UN SUEÑO” follows PRAYERS release of “CHOLOANI,” the first offering from the CHOLOGOTH body of work. “CHOLOANI” is a stunning visual and oral history featuring Teypohs’weepeehl (Iron Jacket), a traditional language speaking member of the Chichimeca tribe whom shares the history of modern day cholo subculture from it’s cholani origin.