First off, we all miss live music here at CHPTR. I’m sure you miss live music and going to venues to see your favorite bands. Wether the venue is a large arena or small club, there is something about being surrounded by fans that make music that much better. This year has taken that from us, but, a few bands are trying their damndest to get out there and make the most of the situation. Fozzy is one of them. They are ending their multi year long tour with a Livestreaming Event. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we weren’t disappointed. You can still catch the show here:

Fozzy started the show with a 30 minute documentary “Fozzy Across America” about their 3 shows in 2 time zones in one day event. After that Fozzy took the stage, well, the recording studio. The remaining 90 + minutes would be filmed live inside their recording studio. We the audience are then treated to song after song from their catalog that just hit. In between most of the songs the guys in the band, led by Chris Jericho and Rich Ward, talk about their favorite songs they play, festivals and even what song they will miss from the live set after the new album comes out next year.

Just to confirm that this was really live, at one point Chris’s mic comes unplugged just as they go into a song, and at the end of another Chris fesses up that his missed a line. The camera work was great with a mix of fixed camera angles and one mobile cameraperson in the middle of the band. The members of the band were arrayed around the edge of the room with the cameraperson in the middle capturing the action make you feel like you’er the center of attention in a very intimate private show. You get the felling of what it would be like to sit in on a recording session from one high energy act.

Can’t wait to see their next live stream.