aftershock 2019 aftershock 2021

With less than a month to go before Aftershock 2021 kicks off 4 days of Metal and music. This fest has a mix of the titans of metal and a healthy mix of young guns. With acts like Metallica, the Misfits, Testament, Anthrax, Suicidal Tenancies and Faith No More that created the blueprint from which other bands modeled themselves after.

We’re in for a what could be a very special festival. With 60 bands scheduled to play over 4 days of metal and hard rock, there will be something for every fan. My favorite part of music festivals is that it’s a buffet table to music. Every time time we cover a fest, we find several new acts we want to see again. At Aftershock 2019 we found The HU, Evan Conran and Fidlar to name a few of the acts we saw for the first time and have been listening to ever since.

This year we expect it to me no different. With acts like Crobot, Alien Weaponry, Ayron Jones and Cleopatrick there will be no shortage of great new acts to see. The ones we’re most excited for are the ones that we’re not even thinking about. The act that when you’re walking from the food vendors to the restroom, you hear this sound that calls to your soul. That’s the act we’re looking forward to hearing. We’ll let you know who that is in October.

So, until Aftershock 2021 gets here, check out these photos from 2019.