The work and stories that you will see in the time to come is the work of days, weeks, months, and years of (bubble, bubble) toil and trouble.  We’ve assembled an all star team of storytellers — master wordsmiths, photographers, film-makers, and artisans itching to tell you the stories they see that exists between the pages and lines of the worlds that exist around us.  Some of us you may be familiar with… we’ve all made marks elsewhere.  Some of us you may be discovering for the first time.  All of us, however, have our own individual stories to tell.
We’re not reinventing the wheel.  We’re just turning the corner.
We have so much more stories and news to bring to the world, that maybe folks may not be on to, so stay tuned… and if you have a story that should be told… let’s link and tell it…   We want to be an outlet by our people for the people… and you can hit me anytime at heyget@me.com (yes, that’s real)…
Peace and love.
P. aka @phil_enn