Review by Neto Medrano
Koncept’s second studio album 14 Hours Ahead, is a refined pop effort about the life of a rapper. Songs referencing to rock star life, clubs, jewelry, alcohol and humor to play down his struggles and shortcomings.

Koncept, rapper and songwriter use to work at Fat Beats. He is a Brooklyn native now living and recording in Seoul, North Korea. Koncept has stylistic references to K-Pop culture, Asian style mixed with New York. The album title 14 Hours Ahead references his new home in Seoul.
14 Hours Ahead speaks of the life of a rapper that’s finally on the come up, life and indulgences of a rapper on the road. Showcasing radio friendly lyrics and beats that can be heard anywhere. The opening track “Time To Go” with a feature from R&B pianist and singer Akie Bermiss, talks about the anxiety of writing lyrics, having to live up to them and the conflict of who he actually is. Time To Go is an acknowledgement of how life is going to change with success, but in order to achieve those successes he has to accept it and keep grinding.

On his second track and other feature song “Understand Me”, Koncept’s lyrics come in a little deeper and paints a picture of coping after a break up and convincing himself that he’s over it. A story all too familiar with any one who’s suffered a bad break up and lyrics that show how rapper Koncept can communicate to his audience on an emotional and a somewhat bitter level.


Stylistically and lyrically Koncept is touching on a theme that the hip hop community is all too familiar with. What have set him apart are his openness and his effortless honesty. He uses his lyrics in a way to paint the picture of a successful rapper and the life that comes with those successes and he then uses humor to make fun of himself and his shortcomings.
“14 Hours Ahead” is now available iTunes/Apple Music,Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon, Tidal, Melon, Genie.