Regal86’s reinvention of hardgroove is a testament to his prodigious talents and a tribute to the lasting legacy of the genre. His effortless fusion of old-school sounds and modern techniques gives his music a timeless quality, ensuring that it’s as compelling on the dance floor today as it was when these styles were first born.

The album, La Onda, has indeed emerged as a remarkable work of art in the global techno scene. The underlying hardgroove beats blended with unique melodic leads, funk influences and the occasional trip-hop interludes create a sonic journey that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking.

The beauty of Regal86’s work is the balance he strikes between maintaining the authenticity of the hardgroove genre and pushing its boundaries. Tracks like “Move Ahead” and “Groove Biddy Bye” showcase this perfectly, honoring the raw simplicity and drive of classic techno while also introducing new textures and moods. By bringing a fresh perspective to this genre, he’s ensuring its continued relevance and appeal to a new generation of music lovers.

Moreover, the artist’s Mexican roots add another layer of richness to his sound. The Latin influence can be subtly felt throughout the album, adding a special touch that sets Regal86 apart from his contemporaries. This international dimension is a key part of the continued evolution of techno music, reminding us that it’s a global language with a multitude of dialects.

Ultimately, La Onda is more than just a throwback to a bygone era. It’s an homage to techno’s roots, but also a clear-eyed vision of its future, delivered by a producer who clearly has a deep love for the genre. It’s exciting to see where Regal86 will take hardgroove next, and how his work will inspire others to further explore this revitalized style.

Regal86, hailing from Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of techno music. His unique blend of influences reflects the cultural richness of his upbringing: the chicano culture, the gritty underbelly of Memphis rap, and the relentless energy of rave and club culture are all distilled into his sound.

Regal86’s dedication and commitment to his craft are remarkable. His vast discography, with over 40 albums and more than 400 tracks online in just a few years, speaks to his creativity and productivity. Each release seems to further refine his sound, carving out a distinctive niche within the larger techno scene. With such a prolific output, listeners have the opportunity to journey through the various facets of his musical style, discovering new layers with each release.

Embodying the motto “DO OR DIE”, Regal86’s relentless work ethic and fearless approach to music creation is evident. This credo suggests a deep commitment to his craft, a refusal to compromise, and an intensity that’s palpable in his music.

Regal86’s work is not just about quantity but also quality. Even with his swift production pace, the musical depth, complex layering, and overall sonic design of his tracks indicate meticulousness and a keen ear for detail.

Whether it’s his deep-seated love for the ruggedness of Memphis rap, the multicultural vibrance of chicano culture, or the intoxicating rhythms of club music, Regal86 masterfully threads these elements together to create a sound that is distinctly his own.

The international techno scene can look forward to the continued evolution of this artist. As he continues to explore and push the boundaries of his musical identity, Regal86 is a testament to the fact that the heartbeat of techno continues to thump hard and loud across the world, constantly rejuvenated by the fresh blood of its passionate and innovative artists.

Tour Dates

July 28th @Club Eternal-Austin, Texas

July 30 @ Snake Hill-San Antonio,Texas

Aug. 4 @ Sleep Olympics Detroit,Michigan

Aug.5 @ Dance Planet, Paragon.New York City

Aug.10 @ Podlasie Chicago,illinois

Aug.11 @ Global Based Portland,Oregon

Aug.12 @ Boiler Room Los Angeles, CA.

Oct. 6 @YuYu Cdmx