DARSOMBRA’s latest single “Gibbet Lore” offers a glimpse into the complex and unpredictable creative process that the Baltimore-based duo, Brian Daniloski and Ann Everton, undertakes in their music and videos. Their genre-defying approach to music allows them to explore various territories, and the unique composition of this track, as well as the accompanying video, exemplifies their willingness to embrace the unexpected.

Daniloski explains how the song’s main guitar riff came to him spontaneously and how it led to an intriguing composition that includes audio clips of an old prank call and sounds of geothermal vents by the Salton Sea. The discovery that the riff was in the key of F, rarely used by him, added another layer of novelty to the creative process.

Everton’s account of creating the video for “Gibbet Lore” further showcases the eclectic influences and unexpected connections that shape DARSOMBRA’s work. The imagery of a howling dog on a hill, a turning wagon wheel in a desolate forest, and plague-stricken dancers in loosely-interpreted Renaissance Festival garb contribute to a surreal and evocative visual experience.

The Sleeping Shaman’s comment on the difficulty of categorizing DARSOMBRA’s sound, suggesting it might encompass elements of psych, kraut, prog, post-rock, post-metal, doom, drone, or even traditional rock and roll, reflects the duo’s unique place in the musical landscape. Their refusal to be confined to a single genre, coupled with their embrace of unexpected inspirations, sets them apart from other artists.

photo by Julia Vering

DARSOMBRA’s upcoming album, Dumesday Book, is eagerly anticipated by fans who appreciate the unconventional, experimental, and immersive nature of their work. With the release nearing in August and an extensive North American.

Dumesday Book Tracklist:
01. Shelter In Place
02. Call The Doctor (Pandemonium Mix)
03. Plague Times
04. Everything Is Canceled
05. Nightgarden (Profundo Mix)
06. Azimuth
07. Still Canceled
08. A New Dell
09. Gibbet Lore
10. Mellow Knees

Darsombra is:
Brian Daniloski – Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Sound Design
Ann Everton – Synth, Vocals, Percussion, Projections