The album “Purple Pie Plow” by SLW cc Watt is a compelling musical journey that mixes styles, genres, and themes with great sophistication. The seamless integration of the Internet in their collaborative process is testament to how modern technology can aid in creating art, especially in the context of a global pandemic where face-to-face interaction may be limited.

This duo, comprising Samuel Locke Ward and Mike Watt, along with the guests on the album, seems to use their broad musical range to delve into heavy topics such as mob rule, fascism, and environmental crises, borrowing from a wide range of musical styles including glam, psychedelia, Motown swing, doo-wop, cow-punk, free jazz, and noir jazz.

The 24-track record, featuring 11 poetic ‘spiels’ and 12 songs, is inspired by the unique blend of glam and psychedelia from T. Rex. The alternating pattern of spoken and sung tracks creates an engaging dynamic that keeps the listener tuned in.

The songs mentioned explore a variety of themes and moods. From the haunting ballad “A Face in the Crowd” to the ultra-catchy “Help Me,” and the Motown-inspired “Pray,” these tracks paint a grim picture of mob rule. “Boring Out,” “Boots March,” and “Lost To Time” serve to depict the chilling horrors of fascism, employing a mix of New Orleans flavor, doo-wop styling, and cow-punk respectively.

Environmental concerns get a nod in the free jazz freakout “Flowers Scream” and power ballad “Toxic Sunrise,” amplifying the horrors of ecological destruction. However, the album isn’t all doom and gloom. Tracks like “Children of the Stars,” “Dragon Steed,” and “Weeds of Your Dreams” provide an uplifting counterpoint, suggesting hope and resilience in the face of adversity.

This variety and depth make “Purple Pie Plow” sound like an immersive and thought-provoking experience, a true musical journey that reflects on our times.

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