With “Prestige,” Girl Ray confidently embarks on a nostalgic yet fresh musical journey. The trio, consisting of Poppy Hankin, Iris McConnell, and Sophie Moss, has never been one to shy away from evolution. From the playful idiosyncrasies of “Earl Grey” to the rich indie-R&B vibes of “Girl,” they’ve showcased their ability to incorporate varied genres into their distinct soundscape.

Having Ben H. Allen, a Grammy Award-winning producer, onboard for “Prestige” signifies a significant leap for the band. Known for his work with illustrious artists like M.I.A, Gnarls Barkley, and Christina Aguilera, Allen brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the project. Collaborating with Hankin, the lead singer and songwriter of the band, the duo promises a symbiosis of new-age dynamism and the organic charm that Girl Ray is known for.

The mention of “Hi-NRG eighties disco pop” evokes images of dancefloors filled with neon lights, groovy beats, and unrestrained energy. This direction, infused with Girl Ray’s signature touch, is bound to make “Prestige” a standout in their discography. The album promises not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane for those who lived the 80s, but also a vibrant introduction to the era’s euphoric energy for newer generations.

Moshi Moshi’s involvement further solidifies the album’s potential. As a label known for backing groundbreaking artists, their partnership with Girl Ray for “Prestige” suggests their belief in the album’s prowess.

In conclusion, “Prestige” isn’t just a testament to Girl Ray’s versatility but also a bold statement about their growth and transformation. With its impending release, fans and new listeners alike should buckle up for a thrilling disco-infused ride.

Track List

1. Intro (00:33)
2. True Love (02:36)
3. Up (03:45)
4. Everybody’s Saying That (03:14)
5. Love Is Enough (03:54)
6. Hold Tight (02:44)
7. Begging You Now (03:28)
8. Easy (02:44)
9. Tell Me (03:57)
10. Wanna Dance (02:48)
11. Space Song (04:06)
12. Give Me Your Love (07:43)
13. Hurt So Bad (04:00)
14. Give Me Your Love (Version Francaise) (04:11)

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