Canadian singer-songwriter Feist, renowned for her ethereal voice and poignant lyricism, returns with a soul-stirring single, “Of Womankind”. The track stands out not just for its melodic allure, but for the profound introspection it reflects, making it a poignant ode to cross-generational dialogues.

Photo:Mary Rozzi

Drawing from an almost transcendental space, where music meets the very soul, “Of Womankind” was birthed late one night in an enigmatic trance. The song emerges as a dialogue between the wisdom of the aged and the fresh fervor of youth, emphasizing mutual respect and learning. There’s a tug-of-war between heeding life’s warnings and experiencing its novelties without preconceived notions.

Feist eloquently delves into this duality, suggesting that perhaps her own personal journey into motherhood has magnified her cognizance of life’s timeline. This heightened awareness makes her question the legacies to inherit and the burdens to abandon. Her choice of the term “Womankind” underscores a deliberate shift from the conventional ‘mankind’, challenging gendered assumptions and illuminating a broader spectrum of humanity.

The track’s accompanying video, meticulously crafted by the trio of Colby Richardson, Sara Melvin, and Julia Hendrickson, is a montage of Feist’s North American “Multitudes” tour. The tour itself was revolutionary, boasting of an avant-garde 360-degree immersive sound experience. Not just a live marvel, the album, also named “Multitudes”, incorporated this immersive audio, thanks to the brilliance of Robbie Lackritz, the multi-Grammy nominated producer-engineer.

Feist’s journey with “Multitudes” isn’t just confined to the studio or the stage. The album encapsulates the spirit of community, as songs were nurtured and finessed through an extensive phase of experimentation between 2021 and 2022. This deeply collaborative venture saw Feist collaborating with the visionary Rob Sinclair, known for his transformative work with icons like David Byrne.

Multitudes, while bearing the signature Feist serenade, brings in a mix of musical maestros. Apart from Lackritz, the album saw creative inputs from Mocky, and notable production by Blake Mills on tracks such as “Borrow Trouble” and “Become the Earth”.

As Feist gears up for her European tour this fall, her invitation is not just to a concert, but to an enveloping embrace of sound, story, and spirit. And if “Of Womankind” is anything to go by, Feist’s new album promises not just music, but meaningful, transformative experiences.

In a world awash with fleeting hits, Feist’s “Of Womankind” and the broader “Multitudes” stand out as profound symphonies, reminding us of the eternal bond between the artist, the art, and the audience. As she beautifully posits, perhaps it’s time for all of us to stand under a different umbrella, redefining conventions and seeking new lights.

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