The urban nightscape, bathed in neon hues, offers both the thrill of life at its most potent and the lurking threat of the unknown. For the band Advertisement, this contrasting allure and menace are expertly captured in their new record, “Escorts”. Led by the poetic musings of guitarist and writer Ryan Mangione-Smith, the album is a haunting exploration of urban nightlife’s roller-coaster emotions.

For anyone who has navigated the streets of a city at night, the sense of ephemeral beauty and impending dawn’s melancholy will resonate deeply. “Escorts” encapsulates these fleeting moments and more – from euphoric highs to the aching disappointment of daybreak. Drawing inspiration from an eclectic range of genres, Advertisement seamlessly merges glam rock’s shiny allure with Krautrock’s hypnotic rhythms, the sorrowful beauty of Scott Walker’s ballads, and the pulsating beats of industrial music. Yet, amid this sonic tapestry, the band’s dedication to pop’s essence – the commitment to a catchy melody and compelling lyrics – shines brightly.

Tracks like “Where Is My Baby?” exemplify Advertisement’s unique approach to songwriting. The song tells the story of a man’s quixotic quest for love, underscored by the dangerous allure of the city. Complemented by a captivating video crafted in collaboration with director Kyle Mangione-Smith, it paints a vivid picture of city life’s intoxicating thrill and lurking perils. Ryan Mangione-Smith aptly notes the influence of Kenneth Anger’s “Scorpio Rising” on the video, drawing parallels with the film’s provocative portrayal of nocturnal escapades and the often-misunderstood nature of urban sexuality.

This sense of allure and danger is not just limited to their singles. It extends throughout the record, heralding a significant evolution from their debut, “American Advertisement”. The latter, released in 2020, drew comparisons to rock giants like The Rolling Stones and was lauded by heavyweights like Pitchfork and NME. But as they toured with bands such as The War on Drugs and Sheer Mag, Advertisement felt an itch for reinvention. Their newest offerings, “Material Man” and “The Matador”, underscore this evolution, with their clear departure from their initial Americana-tinged rock ethos.

Recording “Escorts” was a cross-country endeavor. With members scattered across Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York City, they finally congregated in LA in 2022. With Mike Kriebel at the helm, who has previously worked with notable names like Osees and Ty Segall, the record oozes energy reminiscent of stalwarts like Roxy Music as well as contemporary acts like Total Control.

Yet, amidst the evident growth and transformation, what remains constant is Advertisement’s authentic touch. They don’t rely on gratuitous references or try to fake depth. Instead, “Escorts” is a heartfelt tribute to the madness of existence, echoing the age-old tradition of turning life’s chaos into an art form that is both raw and ravishing.

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