The illustrious soundscapes of Liverpool-based electronic pop group, Ladytron, have always been evocative. Their ability to fuse vulnerability with the grandeur of electronic music is almost unrivaled. This mastery continues with their most recent release, “Misery Remember Me,” a poignant video that introduces fans to the ethereal terrains of their seventh studio album, ‘Time’s Arrow.’

The music video for “Misery Remember Me” draws inspiration from the scenic grandeur of Helen Marnie’s abode. This surrealistic journey serves as a feast for the eyes, harmoniously blending the realm of dreams with reality. Marnie elaborated on the emotional spectrum of the song, stating, “The sheer beauty of these landscapes mirrors the vulnerability of the song, as it raises questions about whether beauty alone is enough. Will misery remember me?” It’s a contemplative take on beauty, memories, and the emotional imprints we leave behind.

Diving into the core of ‘Time’s Arrow,’ the album delves deep, exploring themes of temporality, existence, and human resilience. Besides “Misery Remember Me,” tracks such as “City of Angels,” “Faces,” and “Flight From Angkor” further exemplify the album’s intricate fabric of introspection and dreamy electronica. As Marnie puts it, “We must embrace the now, but always allow ourselves to dream.” A sentiment that resonates even more in today’s fast-paced world.

After a whirlwind of successful U.S. spring tour dates and enchanting festival audiences across Europe, Ladytron is gearing up for another set of performances. This fall, fans in the U.S. can witness their electrifying presence at renowned venues such as New York’s Irving Plaza and the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, culminating in a monumental performance at San Diego’s CRSSD Fest. Furthermore, their November roster includes stops in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and a notable appearance at the renowned Corona Capital Festival in Mexico City. The anticipation is palpable, with audiences eagerly awaiting Ladytron’s classic anthems and fresh tracks from ‘Time’s Arrow’ – an album that has already garnered critical acclaim.


20 NYC, Irving Plaza

22 Los Angeles, The Belasco

23 San Diego, CRSSD


16 Austin, Mohawk  

17 Dallas, Granada 

18 Houston, Numbers 

19 Mexico City, Corona Capital Festival 

Yet, Ladytron doesn’t stop at creating new melodies; they revisit and rejuvenate their classics too. This summer marked the release of a refreshed version of their 2005 hit, “Destroy Everything You Touch.” Entrusted to DJ/producer Space Motion, the remix offers a modern twist to the track, which not only broke the Top 50 in the UK Singles Chart back in the day but also secured its position in Pitchfork’s “Top 500 Tracks of the 2000s.” This revamped version has already caught the ears and support of prominent DJs like Camelphat, Vintage Culture, Fisher, Gorgon City, and Tale of Us.

All in all, with “Misery Remember Me” setting the tone, ‘Time’s Arrow’ seems poised to be another testament to Ladytron’s enduring artistry in the world of electronic music. And as they take their sound on the road, one thing is certain: Ladytron’s legacy will continue to flourish.


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