From her entrance with the heart-wrenching “drivers license” to the rebellious anthem “good 4 u,” Olivia Rodrigo captured the essence of teen angst and emotional tumult in her debut album “SOUR.” Now, with the release of “GUTS,” Rodrigo shows she’s more than a one-album wonder, further cementing her status as a pop powerhouse.

“GUTS” dropped with a buzz only comparable to Rodrigo’s meteoric rise. Following her three-time GRAMMY® win and a series of Platinum successes, the anticipation for her sophomore project was palpable. And Rodrigo did not disappoint.

Leading the album’s charge was “vampire,” a single that was nothing short of a global sensation. As her third chart-topper to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the track not only showcased Rodrigo’s growth in artistry but also her ability to set and break records. Achieving over 100M combined streams globally and securing the No. 1 spot in multiple countries, the song demonstrated her unwavering appeal.

But “vampire” wasn’t the only song to gain traction. Soon after, Rodrigo graced fans with “bad idea right?”, a vibrant exploration of youthful impulsiveness. While “vampire” dwelled on raw emotion, “bad idea right?” provided a catchy and humorous take on relationship follies. The track’s playful video, steeped in ’90s B-movie horror-comedy aesthetics, was a treat for fans, racking up millions of views within hours of its release.

Behind the scenes, the collaboration between Rodrigo and producer Daniel Nigro played a pivotal role in shaping the unique sound of “GUTS.” While some tracks emerged from the legendary Electric Lady Studios in NYC, many were birthed in Nigro’s garage studio, lending an intimate touch to the album.

Unlike the intensity of “vampire”, this track is a dynamic portrayal of the inner chaos one goes through contemplating getting back with an ex. The song is infused with self-aware humor, candid confessions, and embodies a playful spirit.

Interestingly, the idea for the song began as a jest about Olivia rekindling with an ex-boyfriend. It features unique elements in its composition, such as Olivia’s gradual screaming that adds to the track’s character.

Songs like “Pretty Isn’t Pretty,” “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl,” and “Lacy” are highlighted for their deep lyrical content, possibly hinting at Rodrigo’s personal struggles and relationships. References to Taylor Swift and the comparisons between Rodrigo and Swift’s journey in the music industry also seem to be discussed.The songs present a journey of Rodrigo’s growth, from being naive and wide-eyed to developing a hardened shell to protect herself from the harsh realities of fame.

The album seems to make reference to earlier pop stars and songs, suggesting a form of homage or a deliberate play on familiar themes to give them a new, fresh perspective. For instance, the title “Teenage Dream” is shared with a famous Katy Perry song, but Rodrigo’s version is more melancholic and contemplative.

Olivia Rodrigo’s star was already shining bright after “SOUR,” but with “GUTS,” she’s illuminated the pop universe even more. As she gears up for a performance at the MTV VMAs 2023 and enjoys multiple nominations for her video “vampire,” it’s evident that Rodrigo’s journey is just beginning. She’s not just a fleeting sensation; she’s a lasting musical icon for this generation. And as “GUTS” plays on repeat for fans worldwide, they eagerly await her next move.

Exclusively available at Rodrigo’s online store, the vinyl version of GUTS is available in four colors: red, white, blue, and purple. In addition, an exclusive colored vinyl and CD (both with alternative cover and poster) are available at Target HERE.