Moogfest continues their North Carolina programming with their second day of synergistic art, music, and technology installations.
Day 1’s highlights featured some amazing work from Miike Snow, Gary Numan, and Blood Orange. Day 2, however, continues and elevates the aural education with performances by GZA, Grimes, Numan (again), Bob Moses, The Black Madonna, Grouper, I Speak Machine, Kode9, HEALTH, Lunice, and Tory Lanez.
Weaving its way into the political landscape, the keynote address by Dr Martine Rothblatt, a transgender woman, CEO of United Therapeutics, and founder of Sirius XM called out North Carolina on it’s anti-LGBT law HB2.

I want to stop here and shout out a huge praise to the organizers of Moogfest for turning this into a protest festival against HB2… We electronic musicians who ride the mind waves realize that gender is in the mind and the first commandant to respect others as we respect ourselves means to respect other’s minds, other’s souls, other’s hearts and others rights to use the lavatory they feel is right. HB2 out with you.”

Despite the political turn and discourse, Moogfest continued its activation spaces for people of all creeds.  With the majority of fest-goers supporting Rothblatt’s argument, many also turned their attention to celebrating the legacy of Moog’s visionary engineer.  With four days of programming across the festival, covering and experiencing the entire of the fest’s 300 + music, art, and tech innovators is going to prove a chore.
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Photo Credits: Eric Waters, Carlos G, Ian Clontz, Camilo Fuentealba, Rodney Boles, Ryan Snyder, Brian Livingstone, Alex Kacha, Nico Amarra, Gus Samarco, Daniel White, Caleb Smallwood Ryan Sides.
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