Election 2016.
Both a uniting and polarizing event, the world awaits as the United States, self proclaimed WWE UNIVERSAL Champion of the World, sits on the precipice of a Trump or Clinton run regime.  Dramatic twists and Shakespearean storytelling aside, our friends at Aggressive Comix have pointed out that, Trump, Clinton, and even Johnson and Stein are not the only candidates to write in.
While this writer once supported an early #KanyeWest candidacy, AC’s choice have a bit of weight to them.
Check these videos at the break to see their write in candidates.  (Editor’s Note: #VoteCobra… they’re tech is going to empower the job market!!!)
Each has their own strength.
Shredder’s platform weighs on on defeating hunger and poverty at the expense of Turtles.  Joker’s platform has it’s merit on allowing voices for all — a nation where anarchy rules and bats are endangered.  Our editor’s favorite, Cobra Commander, envisions a nation where innovation and technological growth, awesome music led by Cold Slither, and stamping down low level terrorists like ISIS as their promise for “Making America Great Again.”
Peep their campaign videos here after the break… and special thanks to our friends at Aggressive Comix  for bringing some levity to the election proceedings.