John Tejada. Photo credit: Mark Dadlani - Palette

John Tejada. Photo credit: Mark Dadlani –

Palette Recordings has spent the last few months of 2016 celebrating their 20th Anniversary serving up house tunes to the various underground house communities out there.
Founded in 1996 by the revered, John Tejada, today marks the release of Therapy.  From our experience with the EP, it is meant to evoke connections to Palette’s past while opening the door for the future of their musical output.  There are some deep house call backs and some interesting percussion work that draws in some Jackin’ House threads to keep the floor moving.
(Writers’ Note… We got lost writing this after listening to the Soundcloud a few times and forgot where we were supposed to continue… cause we were dancing… and know back to our regularly scheduled program…)
The four track EP is simple, clean, and straight to the point.
It’s a celebration of the kind of House Music that makes you want to forget everything and just move.
Peep the EP at the break and for more info on this release and more: