Mixologi Radio 01 - Anthony Valadez
The family at Bay Area based collective, Mixologi, laid out a plot line to make quality music, events, and lifestyle curation available to the masses.  In (back in the day URB/Retro TV) past, we had the chance to sit down after one of their first events at San Francisco, Phoenix Hotel, to shoot the shit and really see where they were headed as a brand, collective, and family.
The roots that they laid back then (c. 2010/2011) have definitely born fruit in the recent past.  Curating events coast to coast and pushing experiential curation past the simple ‘party scene’ they have been teaming in the recent past with some of the best and brighting musical selectors to create a memorable swath of mixtape and one off releases that can be discovered on their Soundcloud and other channels.
A few days ago (yes, we’re late on this), they made Mixologi Radio official — making a splash by tapping Los Angeles/KCRW stalwart Anthony Valadez on the first edition.
Ant had ears turning on his Plug Research launched album this fall, Fade Away, and has maintained his presence on the forefront of musical curation with his stay at KCRW.  His musical depth definitely shows in this initial episode.  There is an ill transition between Fulgeance’s Smashhhh  and Mura Masa x A$AP Rocky’s Love$ick (Four Tet Remix) that had us bring the (virtual) needle back.  We definitely got put up on a couple tracks after the first few listens with Jay Daniel’s Paradise Valley, Sonder’s Too Fast, and Nick Hakim’s Live Version of I Bet She Looks Like You really striking a chord.  (Seriously, that Nick Hakim track is soul moving.)
Peep game here for more info:
Mixologi | Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud (Click up top to peep the mix…)
Anthony Valadez | Website | FacebookTwitter | Instagram | KCRW Profile