King Most - Turn The Music Up, Marvin via RBMBoots

Welcome to our inaugural evening vinyl column Turntable Tuesday featuring a look at King Most’s Turn The Music Up, Marvin b/w Hook, Swing & Rip via‘s imprint RBMBoots.  This column will explore one or two vinyl unsolicited vinyl release each week across all genres from the collections of our contributors.
King Most has made a name for his delectable DJ skills, redirections, and remixes worldwide.  Though SF based, his residency and appearances have brought him to more than one legendary event (SFNY/Society/etc) on both coasts.
With this release, King Most builds upon his eponymous ability to outright flip tracks and ‘redirect’ the sounds into something all new and all different while inherently keeping the DNA its parts.
The A-Side flips The Player’s Association’s Turn The Music Up with vocal sampling from Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up.  Fans leaning towards more disco like grooves would do well to pick up this release for this side alone; however, for many in the office (aka WeWork… lol) checking the record, it was the B-Side (isn’t it always), that drew some folks out of the woodwork.
The B-Side flips the Eddie Bo classic, Hook & Sling some James Brown swag, and more than a sprinkle of Chakachas’ Jungle Fever into a latin springtime serving of ‘hot sex on a platter.’ (Seriously, playing this with the door open at the our friend’s office had more than one person in ear shot come through to play the track over.)
All in all, the 7″ is straight heat… be sure to pick this up before they’re all gone.
To pick up a copy… hit up RMBBoots!!!
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