It is no secret that D.A.N.C.E. a Blog Haus Night at the Echoplex is one of our favorite residencies in Los Angeles. Tonight marks the third month of their residency at the Echoplex after starting at Sound Nightclub in October and we were able to catch up with three of the events curators to get shed some light on its history and the reason for its energy and brand resilience.

We launched in Los Angeles in October at Sound.  As soon as we announced that party, The Echoplex hit us up about starting a monthly residence in 2017.   In addition to the venue’s rich history, it is so well received by the L.A. music community.   It was such an easy decision for us.  It’s hard to find another space that attracts so many different types of people from all walks of life.  Essentially, it’s what makes blog haus so accessible.  The response has been super strong off the bar, so we’ve already” said Matt Orlove of Orlove Entertainment.

The DNA of Blog Haus’s past is apparent and the team curating the event have done well to accept and push that as one of the endearing strengths of the event. Having been around and covering ‘the scene’ in its original incarnation it was no surprise that its was that thread that allowed for its appeal to spread.  Lines stretched around the block and packed houses through its residency despite disparate weather patterns in January and February are testament to the events strength of curation and vibe which are both indicative of the skill, knowledge, and experience of the team behind the event.

Tom Dunkley of GBH Events continued, “I have been promoting parties in NY for well over 10 years. Back around 2007 my partner Alex English and I were booking artists such as chromeo, Justice, mstrkrft, Digitalism, Soulwax etc. because we loved the music and the punk rock aesthetic of the indie electronic scene. It was an exciting time for music, and the crowds that came out were made up of gay kids, straight kids, indie kids, fashion kids, hipster kids… and some really cute girls. The crossover of indie, rock and electronic music felt so right and parties were going off like we had never seen before. It was nuts. 
Then EDM and dubstep came along and everyone forgot about the music that got it all started. After enduring years of dodgy beats, we heard last year that A-Trak dropped a blog haus mix (we used to call it electro house at the time, but the genre is now called blog haus because it was the blogs that made it popular) and it was killer. It was like bumping into an old friend and realizing how much you missed them. I realized what I needed to do and started putting parties together with friends from the old days like Designer Drugs, the Rapture, Ultragrrrl, Princess Superstar, Luiza of CSS, Alex English and others. A bunch of our old friends turned up but a ton of new kids (who used to listen to this music when they were in high school) Are coming out for these parties and the music sounds even better now than it did back in the day.”
L’Affaire Musicale’s Tom Williams added, “I had worked with Tom Dunkley in NYC for many years producing successful monthly shows in NYC, so after moving to LA three years ago, it was a no brainier to join forces alongside my partner, Matt Orlove of Orlove Entertainment.  Blog Haus is all about the vibe.  I know it as Electro-Clash back when the production was distorted and dirty.  It had a rawness about it.  We’re returning back to a time where you went out to dance & get real sweaty.   When was the last time you saw a person stage dive to a deep house track?”

Make no mistake about it, these are just a few of the sites that you should prepare to experience at one of the next D.A.N.C.E…. which happens to be tonight.
Click through for a free RSVP link… and don’t forget to show up SUPER EARLY!!!  Seriously… line up early… or spring for guaranteed entry tickets.