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Mandy Lee starts the show. (Photo by @phil_enn)

The MisterWives continue to ride their wave of success after drawing the acclaim of outlets such as Entertainment Weekly, MTV, and Pigeons and Planes in 2015 by touring with Panic at the Disco.  We were fortunate to catch them recently at the venerable Forum in Los Angeles (Inglewood), Ca a few days past.
MisterWives, Mandy Lee, Forum

MisterWives’ Mandy Lee and co. displays a bit of showmanship for the crowd. (Photo by @phil_enn)

Having finally gotten a chance to witness the group live, they definitely earned their title as “Artists to Watch” by MTV and by what we saw at their show, 70 million Spotify streams is definitely not wrong (and will surely grow exponentially).  Energy and stage presence are two things that you cannot teach, and these guys have PhD’s in that science.
Misterwives, William Hehir

Bassist, William Hehir’s, hair is everything. (Photo by: @phil_enn)

Their showmanship began with a sample from Gene Wilder’s routine Pure Imagination, from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory lead into Imagination Infatuation. As a curtain-jerker, the track and performance helped to convince anyone that may not have heard of the band in the crowd to pay attention and enjoy the moment.  With the crew in tow, lead singer, Mandy Lee, and bass guitarist William Hehir, were two balls of energy that were infectious and just impossibly to not pay attention too.  It definitely helped that Hehir’s UV reactive coiffe played well with Lee and co’s presence and use of the stage.

As the set continued through Reflections and slowed down through Drummer Boy, we were cemented as fans during their impressive cover of Chance the Rapper’s Same Drugs (linked above).  They finally closed out the set with a bookend of sorts as they played their newest track, Machine, off of their upcoming album, Connect the Dots, into their closer Our Own House off the same-titled debut album. Suffice it to say, the crowd was left wanting more as the energy was still palpable after MisterWives left the stage.
Not one to keep their rest on their laurels, their show at the Forum came hot on the heels of performing The Late Late Show with James Corden as they brought to their newest single Machine to the late night masses. Displaying the same spirit on screen as they did on stage, their performance of their protest-inspired single was charged to say the least. MisterWives says, “Machine is a rallying cry to stand against a world that suppresses individuality and diversity. This song embodies the movement of celebrating our differences, staying true to ourselves, and always sticking it to the Sith Empire! (insert middle finger emoji)”
Connect The Dots
For those seeking to see where Misterwives goes from here, Machine is the lead in single for their forthcoming album, Connect the Dots, due out May 19th.
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