INVSN – The Beautiful Stories
by Neto Medrano   
INVSN (sounds like invasion) has created a great hardcore rock album with 80’s pop rock sound and lyrics filled with political criticism. The song “The Constant War” has upbeat drums and guitars with catchy lyrics and anthem type choruses that make you want to yell along “I’m alive on fire another day!”  The lead track “Immer Zu” speaks of a male lead world that won’t last forever, a very feminist forward song, critical of the corruption that man has created and how women won’t allow it to collapse. It is drums heavy with synthesized guitar riffs and anthemic lyrics helping to set a tone for the rest of the album.
 INVSN is the Swedish duo of Refused and (International) Noise Conspiracy frontman Dennis Lyxzén and longtime collaborator Sara Almgren, along with fellow band mates Andre Sandtrom, Christina Karlsson and Anders Stenberg.